Media Appearances

Speech on Katie Hopkins Screening in Jerusalem (16.06.2019)

Question on Holocaust Revisionism in Poland (25.02.2019)

Anger over Board's failure to condemn Netanyahu’s far-right tie up - Jewish News (23.02.2019)

Interview on IHRA definition, Labour's antisemitism and Jeremy Corbyn - Reshet TV (05.09.2018)

'Labour Party was my home but antisemitism forcing me to leave it' - New Statesman (18.07.2018)

'Tal Ofer resign from Labour Party over failure to adopt IHRA definition' (17.07.2018)

Question on bullying and harrasment in the Jewish community (17.06.2018)

Tal Ofer's speech at Board of Deputies Honorary Officers elections 2018 (13.05.2018)

Question on whether Board of Deputies will work with MEND (29.10.2017)

'Radio Interview on London Bridge terror attack and General election' (05.06.2017) - Galei Tzahal

Tal Ofer's Board of Deputies speech on Resolution 2334, Settlements and two-state solution (15.01.2017)

UNSC Resolution 2334 Debate: Tal Ofer vs. Col. Richard Kemp (08.01.2017)

Question on UJS funding (18.09.2016)

Interview on Britain's new PM Theresa May (12.07.2016) - Reshet B

Interview on consequences of Brexit (26.06.2016) - Radio 103fm

Board urget to stop work with Boycotters (23.06.2016) - Jewish Chronicle

Interview on EU Referendum (23.06.2016) - Reshet B

Interview on EU Referendum (22.06.2016) - Galei Tzahal

Video interview on Antisemitism in Labour Party (03.05.2016) - Walla News

'2nd Radio Interview on Antisemitism in the Labour Party' (02.05.2016) - Galei Tzahal

'Radio Interview on Antisemitism in the Labour Party' (01.05.2016) - Galei Tzahal

Interview with James O'brien on Ken Livingstone comments (29.04.2016) - LBC Radio

'Antisemitism in the Labour Party - Tal Ofer interview with Haaretz' (17.03.2016) - Haaretz

'Vicki Kirby suspended by Labour Party following complaint from Tal Ofer' (15.03.2016) - Jewish Chronicle

Question on why Sir Gerald Kaufman was invited to BOD Chanukkah Reception (13.12.2015)

'Tal Ofer got elected to Board of Deputies Executive Committee' (16.11.2015) - Jewish Chronicle

Question regarding Jeremy Corbyn at Board of Deputies Plenary (18.10.2015)

Interview with LBC - Jewish woman rejected from job because she observes Shabbat' (30.05.2015) - LBC Radio

Tal Ofer Speech at Board of Deputies Elections 2015 (17.05.2015)

Board of Deputies election candidates revealed' (01.05.2015) - Jewish Chronicle

Tal Ofer enters race for Board of Deputies Vice-President' (31.03.2015) - Jewish News

Could London suffer an attack like Paris? British Jews on alert (15.01.2015) - HaAretz

UKIP defends its new Holocaust-denying friends (21.10.2014) - Jewish News

'Labour MP Grahame Morris asks if British IDF be treated like ISIS fighters (02.09.2014) - Jewish News

The Success of Tricycle Donors campaign (22.08.2014) - Jewish News

'Sack Tricycle directors' call despite deal (21.08.2014) - Jewish Chronicle

Talking to Jon Gaunt about the Tricycle Theatre boycott of UK Jewish Film Festival (07.08.2014) - Fubar Radio

interview with i24 News on Tricycle Theatre boycott of UK Jewish Film Festival (07.08.2014)

British Jewry decries 'opportunistic' Theatre's boycott (07.08.2014) - Times of Israel

FA Charges Anelka for Quenelle salute (23.01.2014)

Antisemitism in Polish Football (16.01.2014) - Jewish News

Westminster and Israel: Liberal Democrat MP David Ward disciplined for anti Israeli comments (10.08.2013)

Interview with JN1 on rise of antisemitism in social media (27.06.2013)

Interview with JN1 on 'Closer to Israel' Parade in London (05.06.2013)

Interview with JN1 on BDS attempts at Oxford University (02.03.2013)

Interview with JN1 on rising of antisemitism in UK and in Social Media (15.02.2013)

Interview with JN1 on Antisemitic remarks by David Ward MP (15.02.2013)

Interview with JN1 on Plan to build Mega Mosque in East London (09.12.2012)

Interview with JN1 on Muslim influence on UK's Foreign Policy (01.12.2012)

Interview with JN1 TV on Antisemitism in Football (28.11.2012)

Interview with JN1 TV on ACAA Agreement between Israel-EU (29.10.2012)

Interview with JN1 TV on an anti-semitic mural in East London (13.10.2012)


Interview with JN1 TV on the Cultural Boycott attempts against Israel in the UK (10.10.2012)

Interview with JN1 TV on the importance of protecting Freedom of Speech following the Muhammad FIlm (27.09.2012)

Interview about withdrawal of Hezbollah App from iTunes Store (03.08.2012)

Interview about Habimah Theatre performance in the UK and the attempts to boycott (14.06.2012)


Op-Ed: Good for Israel, Bad for Settlements (26.12.2016) - Jewish News

Op-Ed: Turn the negative burkini ban into an opportunity (01.09.2016) - Jewish News

We have moral duty to help solve refugee crisis' (10.09.2015) - Jewish News

Why Israel needs British style 'First Past The Post system' (12.03.2015) - Jewish News

The Wrong Stance on Gaza (11.08.2014) - Progress

A Lesson by the Rebbe (01.07.2014) - Times of Israel

Aiming for Parliament via London municipal elections (08.05.2014) - Times of Israel

Labour MP Equates Holocaust with Gaza (07.02.2014) - Jewish News

More than Wards (Words) - on David Ward MP new comments (15.11.2013) - Times of Israel

The Final Straw - on Jack's Straw antisemitic comments (26.10.2013) - Times of Israel

Kosher Slaughter in Poland (14.07.2013) - Times of Israel

European Jewish Parliament urges heads of state to proscribe Hezbollah (14.02.2013) - The Commentator

New Labour in Israel? (25.01.2013) - Times of Israel

Gerald Kaufman MP gets it horribly wrong on Israel (21.11.2012) - The Commentator

Unilateral Action at the UN is Counter-Productive for the Peace Process (15.11.2012) - The Algemeiner

Israel Can Bring Cheaper Medical Supplies to Europe (19.10.2012) - The Algemeiner

Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Europe (05.10.2012) - The Algemeiner

Hooray to Bat-Sheva's Hora at Edinburgh International Festival (28.08.2012) - Times of Israel

Yes to Culture, No to Censorship (27.05.2012) - Times of Israel

EU Sanctions a Key to Prevent a Nuclear Iran (12.04.2012) - Times of Israel

What Must be Said about Gunter Grass (05.04.2012) - European Jewish Union Website






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